I Interview Playwrights, Adam Szymkowicz on Ian Walker

We’re entirely created from our history, and childhood is a deep forest. Recently, though, I was reminded of an experience which shaped me. One long summer afternoon I went to my dad, a renowned composer, and complained that I was bored. He said—and I quote: “Only stupid people..."

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Backstage West, Walker to Walker

Act One, Scene One.  As far as I know, no playwright ever starts with those words—not when they pick up the pen.  They start in a much hazier, intuitive place.  The playwriting process is somewhat of a mystery, even for the playwright.  So when Second Wind Productions asked me to conduct a “playwright to playwright” interview with Canadian George F. Walker, I was intrigued. 

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Montclair Times, Playwright Comes Home to Launch his Newest Creation

Ian Walker looks nothing like the misfit he claims to be.  Upon first impression of the tall, lanky, playwright withthe startling green eyes, a reporter gets the sense that he is at ease with himself and the world. But with the creation of “A Beautiful Home for the Incurable,” this was exactly his point: the misfit exists in everyone.

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Metro Active, Peace Talks

Guns are rarely destroyed. They migrate-- finding the closest hatred, the most willing buyer--from conflict to conflict, getting passed through hands like gardeners might pass on valuable heirloom seeds.  One smoking gun is what links the three episodes in The Stone Trilogy, a play by Ian Walker being staged at the Luther Burbank Center on Oct. 5.

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